Clubul de miscare pentru sanatate

26 martie 2010

Locul de munca si un stil de viata sanatos

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Preluare de pe GetInsideHealth:

Health and well-being in the workplace
By Lisa Purcell
Only four out of ten people get the activity they need for good heart health, and we, as Britons, spend more than half our time at work.

At the British Heart Foundation, we believe that the workplace is an ideal setting to inspire people to live healthier lives, which benefits employees and in turn, their employers.

The Health at Work programme aims to provide free resources for organisations to improve the physical activity, diet, and mental well-being of their employees. We want to encourage employees to make positive lifestyle changes and have a positive impact on their working day. Business benefits come hand in hand with reduced employee stress, increased motivation, and a reduced number of sick days.

We provide organisations with Think fit! packs on each of the three targets of the programme: be active, eat well, and think well. The packs include applicable tips, tools and guidelines to transform the workplace into a healthier environment, including suggestions for setting up a “Health Club” in the office. We also have a Health at Work website with success stories to inspire other organisations, an events calendar to assist in planning events, such as sponsored swims, charity football games, and “wear red” days. We also offer motivational posters, a free support service, Heart Matters, and a Heath and Work e-newsletter.

So far the programme has seen great results. The University of Bolton, which employs 660 people, has seen sickness absence rates drop from an average of 11.67 days of absence per person per year to 8.38 days per person since employing the Health at Work programme in 2006. And an insurance group, Thomas Carroll Insurance, has also seen a decrease in absenteeism levels and a lower staff turnover after initiating some of the programme’s tactics.

We hope to continue making an impact on organisation’s productivity and the health of their employees in the years to come.



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